RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY training with Kristin Griebenow, PhD.

Last week we launched a series of workshop sessions focusing on Raman spectroscopy. Lectures and seminars are delivered by Ms. Kristin Griebenow, PostDoc from Prof. Wondraczek’s work group in Otto-Schott-Institut für Glaschemie, Jena.

Ms. Griebenow studied chemistry at the Friedrich-Schiller Universitaet, Jena. Her main subjects included  glass chemistry and spectroscopy. After two years in industry she joined the PhD program in the group of Prof. Wondraczek, from which she successfully graduated in November 2017. Raman and FTIR measurements and analysis presented a very important part of her thesis “The mixed modifier effect in alkaline earth metapphosphate glasses”.

One week training (June 8-14, 2018) covers variety of topics, incl. Light-matter-interaction, Vibrational spectroscopy, focus on Raman spectroscopy, Application of Raman spectroscopy, and examples demonstrated in laboratory.