Congratulations to Prof. Dusan Galusek!

We would like to inform you that the project APVV-15-0014 – “Advanced composite coatings for high temperature corrosion protection of metals” led by the Prof. Dusan Galusek was evaluated in 2021 among the projects of the Excellent level.  The project was implemented from 7/2016 to 6/2020.

Results of the Project:

During the project, there were developed new types of environmental barrier coatings based on ceramics prepared from organosilicon precursors
with passive glass and ceramic fillings for high – stainless steel thermal protection of the boiler, with a thickness of several tens μm and with the desired adhesion on the metal substrate. The resistance of these coatings to corrosion in hot gases at temperatures up to 1000 ºC was verified, especially in synthetic air, in oxygen, and in air saturated with water vapor. High protection of these coatings under the specified conditions was confirmed, as well as the resistance of these coatings in the aquatic environment in hydrothermal conditions at temperatures up to 200 ºC. The method of surface treatment of steel substrate was also optimized substrate, which ensured optimal adhesion of the coating on the steel and the method of coating, which provides preparation of a uniform homogeneous layer with high anticorrosion effectiveness.

Benefits for Practice:

The obtained results can be used in the construction of devices, which are used at high temperatures in the environment of aggressive flue gases, especially in heat exchangers in thermal power plants and municipal waste incinerator plants. Due to the relative simplicity of the process application of the developed anticorrosion coatings, it is possible to transfer easily this laboratory technology into industrial production.