Prof. Bernardo at FunGlass

Prof. Bernardo lecturing on “Materials selection”

On September 4-9, 2017, we received a visit by prof. Enrico Bernardo from the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Padua. Prof. Bernando delivered a series of lectures on “Materials Selection” to our PhD students and research staff. He is a member of the “Advanced Ceramic and Glasses” group focused on ceramic research topics for structural and functional applications. He has published more than 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 4 book chapters and holds 2 national and 4 international patents.

As a representative of the University of Padua, he serves in the Scientific Board of the FunGlass. Within the scope of the project, he provides advice and guidance on setting up FunGlass Department of glass processing.


More about prof. Bernardo …
Prof. Bernardo obtained a magna cum laude degree in Materials Engineering at the University of Padova, in 2000, and PhD in Materials Engineering at the University of Bologna, in 2004. After some years as research fellow, in 1/10/2007, he was appointed as assistant professor of Materials Science and Technology at the University of Padova (confirmed since 1/10/2010). Enrico Bernardo is mainly interested in the use of natural and industrial waste, converted into glasses, as raw materials for innovative engineering products such as sintered glass-ceramics, sintered glass and glass-ceramic matrix composites, glass and glass-ceramic foams, innovative clay bricks. He also investigates the obtainment of silicates and silicon oxonitridosilicates (including glasses) from preceramic polymers (polysiloxanes, polysilazanes) modified by addition of micro- and nano-sized oxide, nitride and arbide fillers, for several applications (high temperature materials, luminescent materials, biomaterials etc.). 85 papers, H-index=21 [Scopus, July 2014] – 1 award (Pfeil Award 2010) – 11 invited lectures at international conferences.