Sol-gel course FUNGLASS


Alicia Durán

Research Professor CSIC, Madrid

Last days FunGlass researchersa and PhD. students spent their time with Alicia Duran– Research Professor of Institute for Ceramic and Glass (CSIC), Madrid.

She gave theoretical lectures as well as practical course on sol-gel process (10 h of lectures plus 7 h of lab practices) as it was scheduled:

Wednesday 13th November. 15:30-18:30

The sol-gel process. Processing from colloidal suspensions. The alkoxide route. Control of reaction kinetics. Effect of pH and H2O/alkoxides ratio. Multi-oxide systems, control of reaction kinetics. Drying and sintering processes.

 Thursday 14th November. 9:00 – 12:30

Hybrid organic-inorganic systems. Polymerisation and co-polymerisation processes. Precursors. Synthesis conditions. Bulk materials, coatings, membranes.

Characterization of sol-gel sols. Viscosity, density, rheological stability. FTIR, UV-Visible.

 Friday 15th November. 9:00 – 12:30

Glass coatings by sol-gel. Deposition methods. Dipping, Spinning, Spray, EPD. Drying and sintering conditions. Residual stresses.

Pre-treatments of the substrates. Cleaning procedures.

Characterization of sol-gel coatings. Thickness, roughness. DRX, GI-DRX, SAXS, GI-SAXS, TEM, SEM. UV-visible, FTIR, Ellipsometry, photoluminescence, nano-indentation.


Thursday 14th November. 14:00 – 18:00

The sol-gel laboratory. Basic equipment and working conditions. Composition formulation.

Group 1. Preparation of an inorganic TiO2 sol with and without complexing agent. Characterization of the sols (density, viscosity, qualitative surface tension, FTIR, UV-Vis).

Group 2. Preparation of hybrid sols. TEOS-MTES sol. Synthesis study. Characterization of the sols (density, viscosity, qualitative surface tension, FTIR). SiO2 from TEOS and SiO2 from TEOS-MTES.

 Friday 15th November – 14:30 – 17:30

Presentation of the results of lab practices. Discussion and Conclusions