Udhaya Kumar Aruchamy, MSc

Udhaya Kumar is a PhD student in the Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín. He received Bachelor of Engineering (2013) in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Engineering (2015) in Manufacturing Engineering from Anna University, Chennai. Kumar is currently associated with Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Madrid Laboratory. He has been awarded the Callaghan Innovation grant 2018 by the New Zealand’s Innovation and best project presenter award from BlueScope, Australia.

Kumar’s current academic research is focused on developing Anti-corrosive coating on lightweight alloys.

Primary Supervisor: Prof. Dušan Galusek

Co-Supervisors: Prof Alicia Durán and Dr Yolanda Castro Martín

Department: Department of Coatings

Beginning of study: 1.11.2019

Date of dissertation exam: TBA

Conference Paper

  • Udhaya Kumar A 2017, Improvement of corrosion resistance on hot-dip galvanized steel, New Zealand Coatings & Corrosion (Auckland, New Zealand).

On-line article

  • Selvarajan, L., Manohar, M., A. Udhaya Kumar & Dhinakaran, P. (2017). Modelling and experimental investigation of process parameters in EDM of Si3N4-TiN composites using GRA-RSM. Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 31(1), 111-122.

Inorganic technologies and materials I and Inorganic technologies and materials II


Engineering ceramics: classification and properties, Glass production technology

Udhaya Kumar Aruchamy, MSc
Udhaya Kumar Aruchamy, MSc
PhD student
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