Parisa Naghadian Moghaddam

Parisa Naghadian Moghaddam has gained her Master of sience in polymer engineering from Amirkabir university of technology. During undergraduate, she was more and more fascinated to polymer and materials science. Then, after doing BA project under the the guidance of Dr. Attar, she decided to spend her future with extensive researches in this field. Whereby, with a lot of motivation, she was accepted for master in polymer engineering at institute for colour science and technology. During this period, she was introduced as top student in different lessons and also she conducted valuable researches with great interest. In addition, successive efforts in two masters’ years led to publish 2 papers base on her thesis project entitled „Investigation of the anti-corrosion behavior of epoxy ester coating  containing organic-inorganic hybrid pigments based on tannic acid-cerium“. Besides, this course had been particularly valuable as I boosted my abilities in the research methodology and analyzing skills in FE-SEM, SVET, XRD, TEM, synthesis, Raman, XPS, NMR, AFM, UV-Visible, EIS, Tensile, DMTA. After graduation, she found an oppurtinity to Apply for PhD at FunGlass.

Dissertation topic:

Development of corrosion resistant polymer derived ceramic coatings on stainless steel substrates.


Ing. Milan Parchovianský


Prof. Dušan Galusek


Coating Processes

Beginning of study:

December 2021

List of publications:

  • Moghaddam, P. N., Amini, R., Kardar, P., & Ramezanzadeh, B. (2021). Epoxy-ester coating reinforced with cerium (III)-tannic acid-based hybrid pigment for effective mild-steel substrate corrosion protection. Progress in Organic Coatings161, 106485.
  •  Moghaddam, P. N., Amini, R., Kardar, P., & Ramezanzadeh, B. (2021). Synergistic corrosion inhibition effects of the non-hazardous cerium nitrate and tannic acid polyphenolic molecules on the surface of mild-steel in chloride-containing solution: Detailed surface and electrochemical explorations. Journal of Molecular Liquids322, 114510.

Inorganic technologies and materials I and Inorganic technologies and materials II


Chemistry, thermochemistry and chemical kinetics, Thermal analysis I

Parisa Naghadian Moghaddam, MSc.
Parisa Naghadian Moghaddam, MSc.
PhD student

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