Mai-Phuong Truong

I attained a master‘s degree at the end of 2016 in Materials Science and Nanotechnology major, from Vietnam-France University (USTH) and Paris Diderot University (Paris 7).

Luminescent nanomaterials which possess their tunable and pricise light emissions keep my attention, therefore I am reaching out to express my highest interests in special luminescence properties of RE3+-doped nanoparticles. This was also my previous experience in Taiwan in terms of nanochemistry towards dianostics and treatments in the oncology regiment.

Dissertation topic:Transparent Nano-Glass Ceramics for Up- and Down-conversion

Supervisor: R. Klement, Assoc. Prof., FunGlass, Slovakia


Partner 1 – supervisor: Dr. M. Pascual, CSIC, Spain

Partner 2 – supervisor: prof. L. Wondraczek, FSU, Germany

 Department: Department of Functional Materials

Beginning of study: November 2019

Date of dissertation exam: TBA

  • 2016, Paul Mathieu, Marlène Branca, Marzia Marciello, Lauryanne Teulon, Kais Gharbi, Truong Nguyen Mai Phuong, Diana Ciuculescu-Pradine, Maria del Puerto Morales,Catherine Amiens. Design of Nanostructure MRI Contrast Agent. Journée Canceropole Grand Sud-Ouest 2016
  •  2016, Phuong, Truong NM; Tuan, Dang Q. Application of hydrolytic enzymes forimprovement of red dragon fruit juice processing. Asia Pacific Journal of Sustainable Agriculture Food and Energy. 4(1). (ISSN 2338-1345, Published online in June 2016)

Inorganic technologies and materials I and Inorganic technologies and materials II


Types of chemical reactions and chemistry of selected chemical compounds, History of glass production, properties of glass and glass-forming melts

Mai-Phuong Truong
Mai-Phuong Truong
PhD student

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