Ahmed Gamal Abd-Elsatar

Ahmed Gamal (A. G. Abd-Elsatar) is a MSc degree holder in inorganic chemistry in the field of biomaterials, drug delivery and nanomedicine from Cairo university and National Research Centre (NRC), Cairo Egypt. His MSc topic was about “Assessment of different types of zeolites for drug delivery applications”. Ahmed’s MSc project had been examined in school of clinical dentistry, university of Sheffield, England, UK, by prof. Richard Van Noort; professor of dental materials science and biomaterials. Prof Noort recommended in his report about Ahmed’s thesis that the MSc project is of a level that is highly acceptable as a major contribution to the MSc program of any of the Russell group universities in the United Kingdom with excellent MSc thesis evaluation.

Ahmed graduated from the South Valley University (SVU), Qena, Egypt with a four-year degree in chemistry and microbiology. After his years of BSc studying, he became fascinated by the research field of biomaterials and by the way how are these techniques applied to the design of new materials with possible biological activity and how to transfer biomaterials knowledge into technology in the field of nanomedicine. For this reason in 2012, he joined as a chemist to a research group in biomaterials department at National Research Centre at Cairo, Egypt and participated in different in-house funded projects and international STDF & DAAD funded projects.

During his work inside NRC at Egypt, Ahmed was funded twice by IMHOTEB project and Campus France as a visiting MSc student to do his lab work at INSERM, faculty of medicine, university of Strasbourg, France. In 2020, he was funded also by BMBF/DAAD-STDF project as a trainee at institute of physiological chemistry, university medical center of the Johannes Gutenberg-university, Mainz, Germany.

Recently, Ahmed was accepted as fully funded PhD student at FunGlass TnUAD in collaboration with Padua university, Italy, and company Nuova Ompi (Stevanato group), Italy. His work focuses on the characterization, modification, and improvement of the surfaces of glasses for pharma use and development of innovative or modified glass surfaces (e.g., with the application of coatings) in order to respond to the demand of new drugs.

 Dissertation topic: Characterization, functionaliztion and improvent of glasses for pharma

Supervisor: Dr. Jozef Kraxner (FunGlass TnUAD, Slovakia),  Prof. Dr. Enrico Bernardo (Padua University, Italy)

Co-supervisor: Dr. Fabio Nicoletti (Nuova Ompi Campany (Stevanato group), Italy)

Department: Glass Processing Department

Beginning of study: 01.12.2020

Date of dissertation exam: TBA

List of publications:

  • Khater, B.S. Nabawy, A.A. El-Kheshen, M. Abdel-Baki, M. Farag, A. G. Abd Elsatar, B. Materials, “Preparation and characterization of low-cost wollastonite and gehlenite ceramics based on industrial wastes, 310 (2021) 125214. (DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2021.125214)
  • A. G. Abd-Elsatar, M. M. Farag, H. F. Youssef, S. A. Salih, M. M. Mounier, E. El-Meliegy, “Different zeolite systems for colon cancer therapy: monitoring of ion release, cytotoxicity and drug release behavior, 8(2) (2019) 101-113. (DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s40204-019-0115-8)
  • International and STDF funded projects
  1. Member in the project funded by Science and Technology Development Foundation (STDF) Egypt, ID# 41555 entitled ” High-performance glass marble from industrial wastes, 2020-2022.
  2. Member in the German-Egyptian scientific cooperation BMBF/DAAD-STDF project “NanoOsMed: Innovative scaffolds / implants for bone repair containing calcium polyphosphate nanoparticles: Morphogenetic properties and risk assessment; Grant No. 01DH17034. 2018-2020
  3. Member in the French-Egyptian scientific cooperation project (IMHOTEP program) funded by the Campus France and Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Egypt, entitled “Bioresorbable 3D Nanocomposite Scaffolds for Drug Delivery in Maxillofacial Bone Regeneration and Nanomedicine Applications, 2015-2017.
  4. Member in the project funded by Science and Technology Development Foundation (STDF) Egypt, ID# 5150 entitled “Prototyping of 3D Functional Bioceramic Scaffolds for Medical Applications, 2014-2017.
  • In-house funded projects (NRC)
  1. Member of the in-house multi-specialized project code# 11090310 entitled “Microwave Synthesis of Functionalized Zeolite-Hydroxyapatite Nano-Biocomposites for Different Medical Applications, 2016-2019.
  2. Member of the in-house multi-specialized project code# 10050302 entitled “Development of Novel Dental Glass Ceramics for Rapid Custom Fabrication by CAD/CAM Processing“, 2013-2016.
  3. Member in the NRC multi-specialization project Code# 10040101 entitled “Preparation and Characterization of Novel Hydrogen Storage Materials based on Natural Sources, 2013-2016.

Inorganic technologies and materials I and Inorganic technologies and materials II

Ahmed Gamal Abd-Elsatar
Ahmed Gamal Abd-Elsatar
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