Participation of FunGlass at KSAPM 2023 in Pardubice

On September 20, 2023, the 25th edition of the Conference on Special Inorganic Pigments and Powder Materials (KSAP-PM 2023) was held, which was organized by the Department of Inorganic Technology of the Faculty of Chemical Technology of the University of Pardubice in cooperation with the Czech Chemical Society.

The subject of the conference was pigments and their application, chemical and physical evaluation of pigments and powder materials, ecological aspects of production and use of inorganic pigments. The conference also presented the results of scientific and research activities in the field of ceramics, surface treatment of ceramics and refractory materials.

FunGlass was presented with their lectures by Dr. Anna Prnová, Dr. Eva Vidomanová, Dr. Melinda Majerová (Institute of measurement science SAS) and our Phd student Jakub Michalík:

  • Eva Vidomanová: Use of cell and molecular biology methods to study the effect of bioactive particles on different types of cells
  • Melinda Majerová: Effect of particle size on the thermal behavior of aluminate glasses
  • Anna Prnová: DSC/TG, X-ray and SEM analysis of thermal behavior of aluminate glasses
  • Jakub Michalík: Preparation and spectral properties of Er, Yb and Li doped materials with YAG composition