New researcher at Department of Functional Materials:

 That´s a pleasure to announce that FunGlass Centre was enriched by a new member Dr. Orhan Sisman from Turkey.

He started to work as a postdoctoral researcher in Functional Materials Group. He obtained the Ph.D. degree with the thesis entitled ‘Strategies to Enhance the Performances of Metal Oxide Gas Sensors’ in 2020, under the supervision of Dr. Dario Zappa and Prof. Elisabetta Comini. He has worked on the synthesis, characterization, gas sensing properties of various metal oxide nanomaterials and their hybrid derivatives with organics like chitosan, Metal phthalocyanines. From macro to micro scales, he has experienced the thin film deposition techniques (PVD, thermal evaporation), nanomaterial synthesis with bottom-up approaches like electrochemical, hydrothermal and thermal oxidation methods, material characterization, optical and electrical characterization, micro-heater calibration, device configurations, lithography, and conductometric gas sensor measurements.

He participated in several international meetings, conferences, workshops, training schools, and short-term scientific missions granted by TUBITAK projects ( 113F403, 111M261), Cost Actions MP1202 (HINT) and TD1105 (EuNetAir), CERIC-ERIC project ( 20182054). Currently, he has 6 published papers in peer-reviewed international journals, with more than 100 citations. Dr. Sisman will focus on novel MOX based functional glass-ceramics and their smart applications.

Welcome Orhan!