New Research Project Approved for Funding

A new project SK-FR-2017-0008 Corrosion and low temperature degradation of zirconia based bioceramics (acronym CoroDent) has been approved for funding by the Slovak research and development agency APVV.

The project led by prof. Galusek will focus at detailed studies of the influence of different pH values on zirconia surface features and the effect of acid corrosion on accelerating the process of ageing, and at elucidating the role of corrosion on low temperature degradation of zirconia bioceramics. The results will be applicable in optimisation of the properties of biomaterials used in the dental field but also in other biomedical applications, such as hip joints, and spine prostheses. The research activities of the project will be carried out jointly with the Materials Science and Engineering Department ( MATEIS ) of the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, led by prof. Jerome Chevalier and dr. Helen Reveron.