New research on persistent phosphors will be funded at FunGlass

A grant No 1/0527/18 „Long persistent phosphors based on stoichiometric aluminates and silicates for optical and biomedical applications“ led by dr. Róbert Klement, head of the department of functional glass has been approved for funding by the VEGA grant agency. The project is focused on research and development of novel persistent luminescence phosphors (LPP) with high afterglow intensity in visible (blue, green, red) and NIR spectral range, and afterglow time (several hours after excitation) comparable or better than known LPP phosphors. The special attention will be paid on LPP and nano-LPP phosphors emitting in red and NIR spectral range for their potential biomedical applications (in vivo imaging). LPP materials will be prepared in the form of powders/nano-powders and glass-ceramics materials. The effect of activator and co-dopant concentration on LPP properties of prepared phosphors will be studied in detail. Special attention will be focused on relation between spectral properties of LPPs under NUV and blue light excitation vs. their composition, structure and morphology.