A working meeting of M. Chromčíková, Assoc. Prof. and Prof. M. Liška with Dr. Arianna Pace from Nuova Ompi S.r.I. (NO) and Dr. Serena Panighello from Stevanato Group S.p.A was held in Prague between 11th and 13th of November. The subject of the joint working activity was a meeting with employees of the Institute of Glass and Ceramics at University of Chemistry and Technology (Prof. O. Gedeon and Dr. T. Gavenda) dedicated to the possible use of sophisticated methods of surface examination for the analysis of internal surfaces of NO products (vials and syringes). The samples provided by NO were analyzed by SEM-EDS method and the possibilities of their analysis by other sophisticated methods available at the institute (FIB, SIMS TOF, Raman & SEM-EDS), were discussed. The result of the meeting, which was evaluated as very beneficial by the Italian colleagues, was a framework agreement about the activities that could be carried out at the Institute of Glass and Ceramics on samples provided by NO in the future. The other outcome of the meeting is a plan for a further working meeting that could take place in December.

Furthermore, a working meeting was held at Laboratory Imaging, s.r.o. (LIM). During this meeting, the unique optical bench constructed in LIM for the needs of NO was tested. This device will be used in NO facility to document the drop profiles on the internal convex surfaces of NO products. Image analysis software is also the part of the device, therefore the large part of the workshop was dedicated to its use. In this regard, one of the possible future activities of the LIM might be the development of the special software for analyzing the image of filter cakes when investigating particulate contamination of liquid media.