New laboratory technicians at FunGlass

That´s pleasure to inform that at the beginning of September two new colleagues joined FunGlass center:

Lenka Buňová received her Ph.D. from Faculty of Industrial Technologies in Puchov, Alexander Dubček university in Trenčín, in August, 2015 entitled with the thesis topic “Nanofillers based on zeolite, their modification and influence on the properties of polymeric materials”. Her Ph.D research was focused on the study of the modified forms of clinoptilolite prepared by chemical modification of natural clinoptilolite. The given mentioned modified forms were added into polymeric materials in the function of alternative nanofiller and prepared materials were characterized. The results of research provide the information from the aspect of pros and cons relating to the each one prepared nanofiller based on clinoptilolite.

Anna Švančárková studied chemistry on Faculty of chemical and food technology at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. In her PhD thesis she focused on study of corrosion process of glass and ceramics in different aqueous environments. The effect of different solution medias to the corrosion behavior of 45S5 bioactive glass was also investigated during her study. Her research was also focused on the influence of acidic and basic media on mechanical and chemical properties of dental glass ceramic based on lithium disilicate.

Both took up the position of laboratory technicians in the Central laboratories department. Welcome, girls!