Dr. Ali Najafzadeh – new FunGlass colleague

That´s a pleasure to announce that at the beginning of July, FunGlass Research staff was enriched by a new member, Dr. Ali Najafzadeh.

He studied materials science and engineering and received his doctoral degree in 2015 from the Semnan University, Iran. In his Ph.D. thesis, he focused on a relatively novel method to fabricate porous bodies through the gel-casting process using non-toxic polymers and infiltration of the foams by molten alloy to form high-temperature composites and investigated their structure-property relations. In 2019, he received a scholarship in the framework of the National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic at the Institute of Materials Research (SAS) in Košice. During his research stay, he focused on the nanoindentation-induced deformation mechanism of brittle phases. Briefly, his scientific activities include fabrication of high-temperature composites, ceramic composites, porous bodies, shape-forming of ceramics via a gel-casting process based on non-toxic and low toxic polymers, Robust Design method and finite element simulation.

He has joined the Vitrum Laugaricio (VILA) department, a joint laboratory of the TNUAD, IIC SAS, and FChPT STU.

Welcome, Ali!