New Books on Ceramic Coatings for High-Temperature Applications by FunGlass Researchers

Congratulations to Assoc. Prof. Amirhossein Pakseresht and Dr. Kamalan Mosas, researcher, for publishing two books in Springer Nature, an international publisher of progressive academic research.

The much-anticipated books titled “Ceramic Coatings for High Temperature Applications: From Thermal Barrier and Environmental Barrier Applications” (ISBN: 978-3-031-40808-3) andl “Coatings for High Temperature Environments: Anti-corrosion and Anti-wear Applications” (ISBN: 978-3-031-45533-9) have been officially published, offering a comprehensive exploration of cutting-edge advancements in ceramic coating technology. Each book has 15 chapters that are primarily focused on evaluating the most recent approaches for improving thermal barrier, environmental barrier, ultra-high temperature ceramics-based coatings, and corrosion and tribological behavior of materials for a broad range of applications.

Focused on combating high-temperature oxidation and wear challenges, these books provide a wealth of knowledge on the design, synthesis, and application of coatings aimed at protecting materials from extreme environments. These two books, authored by leading experts in the field of high-temperature applications, provide valuable insights into the performance of ceramic coatings. With a focus on enhancing durability and functionality in extreme environments, these publications will be a crucial resource for researchers, engineers, and professionals working across various industries, from aerospace to energy.

Several authors from 15 various nations contributed to these two books, including the United States, Germany, France, Slovakia, Turkey, India, Mexico, China, Italy, Romania, Japan, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Vietnam, and Poland.