Marcin Wekwejt´s training at FG  under the PROM Programme

Marcin Wekwejt from this week is a new member of FunGlass team.

He has graduated his engineer degree in Biomedical Engineering at University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz and his master degree in Mechanical-Medical Engineering at Gdańsk University of Technology implemented jointly with Medical University of Gdańsk.

Currently he is a Research Assistant and PhD Student at the Gdańsk University of Technology (Biomaterials Division, Department of Materials Enginnering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering). His main fields of interest are biomaterials, especially biofunctional implants with effective bactericidal protection. The main direction of his PhD study concerns the development of a new bioactive composite bone cement.

These days he is on a research internship at the Department of Biomaterials of FunGlass Centre under the  PROM Programme of The Polish National Agency For Academic Exchange. Marcin’s training will be focused at gaining skill and knowledge in the Bioglass field. Moreover, the bioglass created during his visit will be used for modifying the material, which he is developing. This joint research is to be the beginning for further inter-team cooperation. He will stay at FunGlass for one month.