Luca Grigolato’s one-month stay in the Funglass laboratories

Based on the cooperation between the University of Padua and FunGlass Centre, Luca Grigolato was able to spend 1 month in our laboratories (24 April – 26 May 2023). Luca was working under the supervision of Dr. Arish Dasan and Dr. Jozef Kraxner at the Department of Glass Processing.
Currently, Luca is going to finish his PhD study at the University of Padua under the supervision of Prof. EnricoBernardo (Industrial Engineering) and Prof. Gianpaolo Savio (Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering). The topic of his PhD is related to design and geometric modeling methods for Additive Manufacturing (AM), in particular, dealing with material and geometry complexity possibilities offered by AM technologies. Here in Trencin, he studied the stereolithography of powder-based and engineered silicone mixtures, helping in the optimization of the 3D models of lattice structures. He also experienced the Inkjet printing of glass powders, supported by reactive silicone binders. Moreover, he shared his expertise in 3D modeling (“Rhinoceros 7” software) with FunGlass researchers.

Thank you, Luca, for your stay and for your comment:
“During this period in FunGlass Centre, I was given the opportunity to experience different ceramics materials and to develop advanced 3D models suitable for the AM technologies and final applications. I would like to thank particularly Arish Dasan for introducing me to the 3D printing of glass/ceramics, Jozef Kraxner for his efficiency in solving my problems, and of course all FunGlass colleagues for their support. I hope I will come back again to get more knowledge about glass 3D printing .”