FunGlass researches at CSIC Madrid

Despite the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic situation, three of our colleagues have left for their 1-year training stay at our partner institution.

Dr. Andressa Trentin, Dr. Ashokraja Chandrasekar and Dr. Rajesh Dagupati are just taking their 1- year training stay to gain new research skills and experiences at the Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas in Madrid (Spain) under supervision of Prof. Alicia Durán and Dr. Francisco Muñoz Fraile .

We wish all researchers pleasant and safe stay in Madrid!

Research topics:

  • Dr. Andressa Trentin: Hybrid sol-gel coatings for corrosion protection of aluminum alloys
  • Dr. Ashokraja Chandrasekar: Sol-gel coatings for biomedical application
  • Dr. Rajesh Dagupati: Transparent glass-ceramics for optical thermometry application