Prof. Ivo Kuřitka, dr. Michal Machovský, and dr. Milan Masař from the Centre of Polymer Systems of the Tomáš Baťa University of Zlín visited FunGlass on August 14, 2020 for the kickoff meeting of the project “Surface functionalized glass: concept of artificial photosynthesis inspired heterostructured nanoparticles”. The key element of the project approved in the frame of the scheme INTER-EXCELLENCE in the sub-program INTER-TRANSFER of the Czech Republic under the number LTT20010, is collaboration with FunGlass on development of new types of photocatalysts, which will be able to use larger part of sunlight, while preserving a strong redox potential, and anchoring of the photocatalysts at glass substrates. At their meeting with the FunGlass director, prof. Galusek, the visitors from Zlin discussed the planned research activities, joint papers currently under preparation, and the research plan and timelines for the visit of dr. Masař in Trenčín.