Collaborative Advances in Bioactive Glass Coatings: Hosting Associate Professor Laurène Youssef at FunGlasse

These days, we’re fortunate to have Assoc. Prof. Laurène Youssef from the Institut de la Recherche sur les Céramiques (IRCER) – Université de Limoges as our guest at FunGlass. The collaboration between the Department of Biomaterials at FG and the Plasma Spray group at IRCER began in 2021, thanks to Dr. German Clavijo and Lauren. In 2022, an official agreement was signed between the University of Limoges and the University of Alexander Dubček in Trenčín to facilitate research activities and project submissions. Since then, both teams have been closely collaborating to develop radiopaque bioactive glass coatings using Atmospheric Plasma Spraying for implant surface solutions.

On Wednesday, April 10, Laurene delivered a very interesting lecture entitled “Bioactive Glass-Based Coatings by Atmospheric Plasma Spray for Implant Technologies and Solutions“. She will be staying at FunGlass until April 25 and will be working on studying the influence of plasma spray parameters on the cell viability and antibacterial performance of radiopaque bioactive glass coatings. This will provide a great opportunity for our colleagues to engage in further discussions in person.