Junior researchers at 2nd Junior FunGlass School (jFGs)

After a two-year break, on July 11 to July 15 2022, the children met again in the premises of the FunGlass laboratories to experience the life of scientists.

The Central laboratories department in cooperation with Biomaterials and Glass processing departments under the patronage of the Centre for Functional and Surface Functionalized Glass organized the second year of the junior FunGlass school (#jFGs). The main goal was to promote material science in a playful way, stimulate children´s curiousness and make science interesting and at the same time accessible. This event was made within the International Year of Glass 2022 (IYOG 2022) program.

The young scientists experienced a week full of research, experimentation and, last but not least, fun. The kids experienced archeological exploration, observation and decoration of glass samples, 3D printing and microbiological observation, glass painting and much more. The program culminated with a visit to the RONA glass factory in Lednické Rovne on Friday, where the children saw the exciting process of glassmaking. At the end, after the kids posters´ presentations the director of FunGlass Centre, prof. Dušan Galusek rewarded all young participants with “Junior scientist” certificates.

So much energy, good vibes, great people! Thanks to everyone who participated in this beautiful project. A special thanks goes to IYOG2022 and RONA – 5 star glass company for their support.

jFGs in pictures:

jFGs in video: