JECS Trust grant for Haritha A. Haridassan

We are happy to congratulate to our doctoral student Haritha Ajitha Haridassan for receiving JECS Trust grant for her topic Development of Ag/Au Nanoparticle-doped ZnO Thin Films using Sol-Gel Method for Photocatalytic and Antibacterial Applications. The main objective of this project is to prepare Ag and Au nanoparticle suspension (AgNP) and then incorporate them into ZnO sols that are deposited on glass-slide substrates by dip-coating. The resulting coatings will be assessed for their photocatalytic and antibacterial applications.

The host institute will be FunGlass parntner- Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio ICV- CSIC, Spain, under the supervision of Dr. Yolanda Castro. The collaboration between the two institutes is crucial for the development of the project, as it enables the exchange of knowledge and expertise, access to specialized equipment and resources, and the opportunity to use new techniques and approaches to research.

Haritha will stay in Madrid from 26th May to 24th August 2023.