Special topics in glass melting technology by Prof. Manoj K. Choudhary

It is an honor for us that the FunGlass Center, through the Visiting Scientist program, will host Professor Manoj K. Choudhary, P.E., F.S.G.T., F. Am. Cer. Soc., a foremost international expert in the application of physical and chemical sciences, engineering analysis, materials science, and advanced computational modeling for process and product innovation, on June 28-30 2022, presenting the scientific course named “Special Topics in Glass Melting Technology”.

Professor M. Choudhary successfully and cost-effectively resolve process and product performance issues and enhance productivity, process efficiency, and customer satisfaction by drawing on extensive experience and world-renowned expertise in engineering, materials science, modeling and simulation, and project management. Acclaimed teacher of applied science, process fundamentals, and modeling.

The highlights of professor Choudhary experience cover:

 OWENS CORNING (1982-2018); Retired as Senior Technical Staff
“Father” of Advanced Mathematical Simulation of Glass & Polymer Processes; Developer of innovative technology platforms for novel products, energy and production efficiency; technical leader; mentor; strategic advisor to senior management.

MKC INNOVATIONS, LLC, President (2018-Present)

Consultant for several companies on scientific /technical topics and strategic issues. Offer educational and training programs on applied science, materials process fundamentals, and engineering.

MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Post-doctoral Research Associate (1980-1982)

Conducted pioneering research on electromagnetic / MHD processing of metals (electroslag refining, plasma and electric arc furnaces, and resistance heated furnaces), taught parts of graduate level course on “Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing” and supervised students.

 TEACHING: Various universities and forums (1982-present)
Adjunct Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the Ohio State University (2018-Present)

LEADERSHIP: President, International Commission on Glass (2015-2018); Board of Directors, American Ceramic Society (2015-2018), Founder, President, and a Trustee of the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council (1999-2019), Chair, Glass and Optical Materials Division of the American Ceramic Society (2001-2002); President, Industry Board, Center for Glass Research at Alfred University (1995).

AWARDS: ICG President’s Award (2019), Dr. Atma Ram Memorial Lecture (2019), Samuel R. Scholes Award Lecture (2018), Friedberg Ceramic Engineering and Tutorial Lecture (2012), Nine Major Awards from Owens Corning (1985-2008), Glass Service Modeling Award (2007), + Many more

Make a reservation in your calendar to join the course on June 28-30, 2022, in FunGlass premises. The visit is organized by dr. Zuzana Nescakova, FunGlass Centre.

Program: Invitation MChoudhary 2022