HORIZON EUROPE Workshop for Project Managers

On 23th and 24th November 2020, Monika Šandrejová and Andrea Chrastinová, FunGlass project managers, joined on-line „V4 Training“.

The purpose of the V4 Training was to increase the professional capacity of project managers by providing targeted information with added value from Brussels and raising their awareness of the context of the new European research and innovation program HORIZON EUROPE (2021 – 2027).

Online two days training consisted of presentations and online interactive sessions during which the participants were able to get to know each other and share their experience and best practices within the institutions.

Training was organized by the V4 (Visegrad group countries: Slovakia, Czek Republic, Poland, Hungary) offices:  Slovak Liaison Office for Research and Development (SLORD) in Brussels (Belgium), CZELO (Czech Republic), National Research, Development and Innovation Office from Hungary, PolSCA (Poland).

Horizon Europe represents the largest multinational collaborative research and innovation investment in Europe and is open to participants worldwide. Horizon Europe is a new, ninth framework programme for research and innovation in period of 2021 – 2027. It will be a seamless continuation of the previous programme – Horizon 2020, which was the biggest and the most important programme for financing project in area of science, research and innovation in European Union during the last seven years, e.g. in period 2014 – 2020.

More about Horizon Europe: