Giulia Tameni’s Research Journey with FunGlass

Giulia Tameni currently holds the position of a PhD student at the University of Padua under the supervision of Prof. Enrico Bernardo. As part of the collaboration between FunGlass and the University of Padua, Giulia spent three months at the Glass Processing Department in our center in Trenčín. During her time here, she worked under the guidance of Dr. Jozef Kraxner (head of the department) and collaborated with Dr. Akansha and Dr. Diana Lago.

Her research focuses on enhancing industrial waste through a mild alkali activation process, with a specific emphasis on different kinds of un-recyclable glass. In particular, her work here was concentrated on two different paths: immobilizing brown mud in both cold-consolidated and foamed samples, and understanding the molecular mechanisms of her samples, exploring innovative activators such as ammonium hydroxide.

We are delighted to have welcomed Giulia for her second stay, and we believe that our collaboration has contributed to elevating her scientific advancement. We eagerly anticipate further cooperation.

Giulia expresses her gratitude:

“During my second period here in Trenčín I would like to confirm the impression that I had last here. I would like to thank you all to develop my identity as a young researcher, supporting my independence to explore all possible scenario on my work activities. I firmly believe that doing science is teamwork and for this reason I have to thank all Funglasss team: PhD students, researchers, and administrative staff for their help here. Thanks to those who spent some of their time helping me during these three months. Hope to see you again!”

Giulia Tameni´s presentation at FunGlass school (Vršatecké Podhradie)

Glass Processing Dpt. meeting