Giulia Tameni from University of Padua at FunGlass

Based on the cooperation between the University of Padua and FunGlass Centre, Giulia Tameni was able to spend her mandatory doctoral stay abroad right at our workplace in Trenčín.

She is finishing her first year of PhD at University of Padua, Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Curriculum “Materials Engineering”. The topic of her PhD is upcycling of waste glasses in novel and sustainable construction materials. The main goal of her research is the possibility of obtaining building materials thanks to alkali activation process of glasses taking particular care to fraction of glass cullet of difficult reuse. Moreover, here in Trencin, she has studied the molecular mechanisms of alkaline attack on fine glass powders of different chemical composition.

Giulia was working under supervision of Dr. Akansha and Dr. Jozef Kraxner at Department of Glass Processing for 3 moths (September 1st- December 1st, 2022).

Giulia´s impression:

“This three-month period abroad was extremely formative for my academic and personal development. Moreover, I was given this opportunity to be totally independent for carrying out my research thanks to a laboratory well equipped with new and modern facilities. Thanks you to all PhD students, researchers, and administrative staff for their help here, especially I would like to thanks particularly Hana Kaňková and Lenka Buňová for analysis on my samples. I hope to see you soon in the future!”

We wish you much success in your next study, Giulia!