FunGlass team at ICG 2019 in Boston

FunGlass team has attended the annual 25th International congress on glass (ICG2019) in Boston, MA, USA. FunGlass was represented by Radoslav Varga and Miroslava Hujová at the Tabletop Technology Fair, where beside others, were also present prestigious companies and institutes such as Corning Inc., Elsevier, Nippon Electric Glass or Zeiss Microscopy.  Our center was met with a lively interest from conference attending scientists, industry representative, and students, with whom many promising contacts were established.

Scientists Dr. José Garcia (Structural properties and non-linear optical effects of Tm/Tm-Yb doped NaLuF4 oxyfluoride glass-ceramics) and Dr. Arish Dasan (Additive Manufacturing of Porous Translucent/Transparent Glass Scaffolds) have both presented great talks in their sessions. Their excellent research was met with many questions and positive responses from the audience.  Dr. Babu Singarapu presented his poster on the Poster session part.

Professor Dušan Galusek, the head of Funglass, has met our strategic partners and discussed with them the future expansion of our center and the next possible steps in the cooperation. One of our long-term partners, the exceptional professor Alícia Duran, from Institute for Ceramic and Glass (CSIC), Spain, has not only hosted the ICG 2019 as the president, but also has received the prestigious award of Glass Person of the Year 2019.