FunGlass researchers at the ICG Annual Meeting 2018 in Yokohama, Tokio

Dr. M. Chromčíková has presented work with co-authored by B. Hruška, A. Černá, J. Michálková, M. Liška focused on Thermodynamic Model and Identification of the Surface-active Components of the Glass-forming Melts. She has also participated in the meeting of the TC3 “Structure and properties” whith chair Prof. D. Nueville, CNRS, Paris, France.

Dr. B. Hruška has presented work with co-authored by M. Chromčíková, V. Vargová, A. Černá, J. Vokelová, M. Liška entitled Raman Spectroscopic Study of Heavy Weathered Surface of Barium Crystal Glass.

Our PhD student, Ing. A.E. Nowicka has presented work whith co-authored by E. Greiner-Wronowa, D. Galusková, B. Hruška, D. Galusek focused on The Study of the Influence of Gypsum Binders Used for Glass-metal Connections in Conservation Works on the Glass Surface Degradation. As well, she has attended Youth Outreach Program – a panel of professionals from the academic and industrial world, who shared their experience and tips for a successful career in the field.