FunGlass Researchers as Guest Editors

We are pleased to inform Dr. Arish Dasan (Department of Glass Processing) and Dr. Ashokraja Chandrasekar (Department of Coating Processes) have been appointed as Guest editors for a joint special issue – “Bioengineering” (Cite score 6.1) and “Gels” (Impact factor 4.702), an Open Access Journal by MDPI.

The main aim of this Special Issue is to focus on the development of advanced biomaterials including ceramics, glasses, and polymeric or hybrid gels for tissue engineering applications and their incorporation with cutting-edge fabrication techniques (medical implants, scaffolds, etc.), including 3D printing.

The papers related to Tissue Engineering are welcome for “Bioengineering”, related to Gels are welcome for “Gels”.

For more details :