Spreading Excellence and Widening Particaption

On 25 June 2021, prof. Alicia Durán presented project FunGlass at Spanish webinar “”Spreading Excellence and Widening Particaption” within Horizon Europe. The webinar was organized by the International and European Programmes Unit of the Spanish National Research Council for its researchers.

The aim of webinar was to provide an overview of the main tools of HE’s Widening actions and to present the benefits for Spanish participation in Teaming and Twinning programmes by examples of good practice.

Prof. Alicia Durán is a coordinator of FunGlass project at CSIC and a Scientific Board member of the Centre FunGlass. She is also a president of the International Commission on Glass (ICG) and she was one of the main initiators to propose International Year of Glass 2022 (IYOG2022). Prof. Alicia Durán is currently a leader of the GlaSS group at the Spanish Research Council’s Instituto de Ceramica y Vidrio (Institute of Ceramics and Glass) in Madrid. Her research work is connected to energy and environment research: Glasses and glass-ceramics produced by melting – including the design and development of tight seals for metallic and ceramic components; phosphate and oxynitride phosphate glasses; controlled crystallisation processes; nanostructured glass-ceramics for photonic applications, Nd laser glasses, modification of melting processes for energy saving and lowering emissions in glass furnaces; etc.