FunGlass participation in the 2nd Polish – Slovak – Chinese Seminar on Ceramics, Krakow, Poland 2018

Two of our FunGlass researchers attended the 2nd Polish – Slovak – Chinese Seminar on Ceramics that held in AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland on September 9th-13th 2018. The lecture presented by Dr. Hesham El-Maghraby and co-authered by O.Gedeon, D. Galusek, and Y.E. Greish entitled “Structural and morphorogical studies of chemically-bonded calcium phosphate coatings formed onto Al surfaces”. Dr. Peter Švančárek presented a lecture on “Europium doped willemite based luminescent materials: the effect of lithium co-doping“ which co-authered by R. Klement and D. Galusek.

Dr. El-Maghraby