FunGlass participation in Shapig8 Conference, Zurich (Switzerland)

Our researcher Dr. Akansha and PhD student M. Mahmoud participated in the Shaping8 Conference, which was organized jointly by the European Ceramic Society  and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology Empa  in partnership with the Swiss Association for Materials Science and Technology, SVMT, from 14th to 16th September 2022 in Dübendorf/Zurich, Switzerland.

The conference focused on the advanced shaping processes applied to ceramics and ceramics-based composites.

The program was composed of invited talks, oral presentations, as well as poster sessions and complemented by a student speech contest. Plenary lectures by well-known scientists in their respective fields delivered up-to-date insights into selected aspects of shaping in ceramics.

The topics of FunGlass presentations:

  • Akansha: Waste-derived Glass as Precursor for Inorganic Polymers: from Binders to photocatalytic destructors for dye removal (Active participation supported by project CEGLASS ITMS 313011R453)
  • M. Mohktar: Effect of alkali activation on 3D printed waste pharmaceutical glass for dye adsorption process