FunGlass participation in Medicta2019 in Roma

FunGlass researchers, Assoc. prof. Mária Chromčíková, Ph.D., and Branislav Hruška, PhD. participated from the 27th to the 30th of August 2019 in 5th Central and Eastern European Conference on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (CEEC-TAC5) and 14th Mediterranean Conference on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (Medicta2019) in Roma/Rome, Italy. ( )

Our researchers successfully presented their recent ongoing activities and they had an opportunity to meet eminent scientists of the Mediterranean basin and Central & Eastern European countries working in the field of thermal analysis and calorimetry.

The conference aimed at reporting on current relevant research developments in the Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry field and as such served a forum for discussions and also offered a good opportunity to start new collaborations.

The conference took place at the  Sapienza University of Rome which is one of the oldest universities in the world founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII. ​