FunGlass participation at the Ceramics 2022 in Krakow

By agreement between the European Ceramics Society, the International Ceramic Federation and the International Committee of Electroceramics, it has been decided to combine three major conferences into a single major event. Therefore, the ECerS XVII, ICC9 and Electroceramics XVIII were all held simultaneously in Krakow, Poland, on 10-14 July 2022 – Ceramics in Europe 2022

Prof. Galusek, Dr. Talimian, and Assoc. Prof. Pakseresht from FunGlass also attended the conference, joining more than 640 participants from all around the world. Prof. Paksresht delivered a lecture on Synthesis and characterization of La2Ce2O7 powder and mechanical properties of La2Ce2O7/YSZ composites in te session on Ceramic Processing. Dr. Talimian delivered a lecture featuring the results of the collaboration with CEITEC Brno, and dealing with Structure and optical properties of Mn and Cr doped MgAl2O4 transparent ceramics with LiOH as sintering aid, and the second one, on Densification behaviour and optical properties of nano-Y2O3 ceramics doped with bivalent transition metals, presenting the results obtained in collaboration with the University of Sevilla. Prof. Galusek delivered an invited lecture Mesoporous nanoparticles doped with ions with potential therapeutic effect: synthesis and characterization, in the session on Ceramics and Glass for Healthcare, presenting the results of the PhD students from the double degree PhD programme of FunGlass and the Institute of Biomaterials of the FAU.

During the conference dinner, prof. Galusek was also honoured by receiving the grade of the ECERS Felow.