FunGlass participants at the PNCS-ESG2018 conference in St. Malo France

Three FunGlass researchers attended the 15th international conference on Physics of Non-Crystalline Physics organized in conjuction with the bi-annual 14th European Society of Glass Conference on July 9-13 in St. Malo, France (PNCS ESG 2018) Prof. Galusek presented a lecture co-authored by Anna Prnova, Jana Valúchová, and Robert Klement, dealing with crystallization of various aluminate glasses. In the section on protection of the cultural heritage Dr. Galusková presented a lecture co-authored by H. Kaňková a D. Galusek, entitled „Reconstruction of technology of layered red glass production based on chemical analysis of discovered glass fragment. Dr. Chromčíková presented a poster co-authored by J. Holubová, J. Macháčej, Z. Černošek and M. Liška focused on Raman spectroscopy and structure of selected Ga2O3-CaO-P2O5 glasses. As the representative of the Slovak Republic in the Council of the European Society of Glass Science and Technology, prof. Galusek also attended the meeting of the Council.