The 44th International Conference & Exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (link:ICACC2020) organized by the American Ceramic Society on January 23-31, 2020 at Daytona Beach, Florida, was a great opportunity to present the achievements of FunGlass at a major event with the presence of almost 1000 experts in the field of ceramics from all around the world. Prof. Galusek presented there an invited talk entitled “Aluminate glasses: Chemistry, phase composition and luminescence” in the session Polymer derived ceramics and glasses. FunGlass was represented by 3 other contributions, resulting from close collaboration with the University of Padova. Prof. Bernardo delivered 3 invited lectures: “Engineering of silicone-based mixtures for the digital light processing of akermanite scaffolds”, from FunGlass co-authored by A. Dasan, J. Kraxner and D. Galusek, “Extensive reuse of waste glass in geopolymer-like materials” co-authored by D. Ramteke and D. Galusek, and “Advanced ceramic foams from metakaolin-based aqueous suspensions activated with inorganic and organic bases”, co-authored by FunGlass PhD student F. Dogrul.

The book of abstracts from the conference is available here: ICACC20 DaytonaBeach

Prof. P. Šajgalík, president SAS, and Prof. D. Galusek

Prof. D. Galusek and Prof. E. Bernardo