Samples from FunGlass as part of the exhibition in the Giovanni Poleni Museum

These days new exhibition  “VETRO. Dall’antichità romana alle sonde spaziali” (“GLASS. From Roman antiquity to space probes”) is organized by the Department of Physics, University of Padua. It is a part of the International Year of Glass 2022 and will last until April 30, 2023.

FunGlass is happy that in cooperation with Italian partner Prof. Enrico Bernardo from Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Padua, can contribute to this exhibition with a couple of small samples. More precisely, we are delighted to show ‘gyroid’ scaffolds from masked stereolithography 3D printing, starting from LCD glass powders (leading to the translucent scaffold, after sintering in air, see  or from a silicone-based polymer blend (leading to the opaque scaffold, consisting of a glass-ceramic matrix biocomposite, see

The exhibition is hosted in the  Giovanni Poleni Museum. The Museum displays equipments from the Cabinet of Physics started in Padua by Giovanni Poleni in 1739 (famous in Europe at the time) and later enriched not only with cutting-edge devices, but also with 16th and 17th century instruments used for teaching.