FunGlass at the Company Day of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Focused on the Slovakia´s Glass Industry

This year’s first Company Day organized by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, which took place on January 16, 2024, focused on the topic of the glass industry in Slovakia. The video conference was attended by economic diplomats and diplomats entrusted with the economic agenda from 51 countries of the world and four promising Slovak companies that are applying for penetration or expansion of operations in foreign markets.
The presentations were started by the company RONA from Lednické Rovní, whose glass factory is one of the world’s leading producers of lead-free glass known as kristallin. Among the commercial companies, KLARET GLASS from Bratislava, known for its hand-blown, crystal, lead-free, functional design wine glasses on the stem, also presented themselves. The third company was WINDOW GLASS from Dunajská Streda, a specialist in construction and interior glass.
The scientific and research aspect was represented by the FunGlass center. Peter Hošták, the head of the CAU department, delivered a presentation outlining the establishment of FunGlass under the Horizon 2020 project. He underscored collaborative efforts with partner institutions and their leading experts in glass science and technology across Europe.
He presented information about the exceptional personnel and technical resources of FunGlass, providing insights into the various applications of their research . He also mentioned success in obtaining three additional projects – GlaCerHub, EverGLASS and CLiCAM, in the Horizon Europe program, which ensure the continued functioning of the FG center.
The goal of the monthly Company Days is to help Slovak companies establish themselves and support their export and investment activities in foreign markets.