FunGlass at MOF 2022 Dresden, Germany

The 8th International Conference on Metal Organic Frameworks and Open Framework Compounds  – MOF2022 held in Dresden, Germany on September 4 – 7, 2022 and hosted several scientists from all over the world in the scientific study of MOFs.

Dr. Orhan Sisman shared his research outputs carried out during his training in our partner institute FSU Jena with a poster entitled “ZIF-62 derived hybrid glass thin films”. In this novel research subject, he collaborated with Assoc. Prof. Jose J. Velazquez Garcia, Prof. Dusan Galusek from FunGlass and Samira Savani, Oksana Smirnova, Dr. Vahid Nozari, Dr. Alexander Knebel, Prof. Lothar Wondraczek from FSU Jena.

The next conference MOF2024 will be held in National University of Singapore – Singapore, in 2024.