For the first time FunGlass hosted its ‘FunGlass school’

Attended by all FunGlass researchers, PhD students and staff members, the three day event took place in the venue of Hotel Certov (May 16-18, 2018).

The ‘FunGlass school’ is based on the summer school concept described in the Grant Agreement of the FunGlass project, intended as a set of condensed training periods for all FunGlass employees and aiming to be one of the key elements of education and training beyond the specialized, individual work programs. Some of the goals of the school include training in the presentation of scientific results, learning of interdisciplinary research, interdisciplinary & intercultural communication, mastering skills, such as management, writing and presentation of projects, fundraising of projects and grants, etc..

The program of the 1st FunGlass School covered variety of both scientific and complementary topics: Seminar on Functional Materials included nearly thirty scientific contributions related to optical materials, biomaterials, corrosion/weathering, structure/properties and preparation/characterization.

The complementary part of the FunGlass school focused on Project Implementation and Management, Horizon 2020 Opportunities, clarification of new rules to ERDF Complementary financing and English language assessment round as a base for the English Competence program.

FunGlass School Principles:

  • Organized twice a year (Spring and Fall) as an intensive offsite training camp for all employees and graduate students of the Centre.
  • The agenda is divided into two parts: a) scientific part and b) complementary skills / outreach activities
  • Every participating FunGlass researchers/doctoral students is expected to present scientific results.
  • The scientific contents of the schools will be laid-out and published on-line in open-access.

We wish to thank everyone involved in the organization of the event for their kind support and great effort. Participants seemed satisfied and we all are looking forward to the next FunGlass school organized in Fall 2018 when we also expect visiting scientists from partner institutions.