Collaboration between AGH University of Krakow and FunGlass in exploring heat-resistant MMC composites

In April 2024, PhD Łukasz Rakoczy has joined our FunGlass Centre as a part of the JECS Trust Mobility program supported by the European Ceramic Society (ECerS). Currently, Łukasz is an Assistant Professor at AGH University of Krakow, and his research activities include heat-resistant materials for aerospace applications. He is presently a head of the project LIDER XIII, founded by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development, entitled “Development of the manufacturing and deposition technology of metal-ceramic nanocomposite coatings for the structural reconstruction of heat-resistant nickel-based superalloys” (NCBR LIDER 13/0036/2022).  He will spend one month of research stay and will work under the guidance of Prof. Dušan Galusek and co-supervised by Dr. Jaroslava Michálková. The topic of his stay is the “Analysis of the phase transformations and particle/matrix interactions in the Metal-Ceramic Composities (MMC) for aerospace applications via high-temperature dilatometry”.