Experience and knowledge of FG project presented at ERAdiate and COST workshop

On 20th May 2019 Peter Hošták, PhD., Head of EP Office and acting Head of CAU, shared our experience and knowledge with FunGlass project at the workshop „Success factors of H2020 widening instruments in Slovakia: lessons learnt and future outlook“ organised by ERAdiate and COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology.

The aim of the event was to bring together Slovak participants from the various “widening” instruments (ERA Chairs, Twinning, Teaming, COST) to share their experience and knowledge to assess the success factors of participation in H2020. Special focus was devoted in this context on the creation of synergies between various funding instruments (including structural funds) at national and European level. In addition to the success factors, the discussion to highlight common persisting challenges and barriers that should be addressed for achieving greater benefits and impacts from participation in these projects.

The lessons learnt from Slovakia was discussed with participants from other widening countries to provide a European dimension and basis for general recommendations. To achieve a larger impact beyond Slovakia NCPs from the most successful widening countries such as Cyprus and Estonia were invited to discuss the factors that contributed to their success in widening instruments under H2020.

Program and Presentations from the event, you can find HERE.

Peter Hošták, Head of European Projects Office with Prof. Tatiana Kováčiková, ERA chair holder (http://www.erachair.uniza.sk/