Success of the project between FunGlass- A. Dubcek University of Trencin and AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow

That´s pleasure to anounce that the Council for International Scientific and Technical Cooperation (MVTS), on the basis of the submitted final report, evaluated the project solution of APVV project SK-PL-18-0062 „Corrosion of historical glass“ at an Excellent level.

The solution of the project took place as a cooperation between FunGlass – Alexander Dubcek University of Trencin (Dr. Hruška, Dr. Nowicka, Assoc. Prof. Chromčíková, and Prof. Liška) and  AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Faculty of Material Science and Ceramics, Departement of Glass Technology and Amorphous Coatings (Dr. Greiner-Wrona, and Dr. Ciecińska).

The subject of the present joined research project resides in the detailed study of corrosion and weathering of historical crown glasses by application of contemporary methods of optical microscopy and Raman spectroscopy in connection with sophisticated methods of mathematical statistics. The substantial requirement following from the character of investigated subject resides in the non-destructive character of used methods.