EMPA hosts Marzieh and Ertugrul for training stay

Our students Marzieh Ghadamyari and Ertugrul Varlik who are in 3rd year of doctoral studies gained JECS Trust funding with the aim to support the development of their knowledges and research skills at Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology – EMPA in Switzerland. Marzieh focuses her work at EMPA on “Luminescent YAG: Er microspheres used for the preparation of phosphor in glass materials” and Ertugrul on “Boron and Cobalt co-doped 3D scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration based on 45S5 bioactive glass”.

We believe that both of them will return with positive scientific results and insights from the functioning of such an excellent research institution, which can be beneficial for the improvement of our work. Marzieh and Ertugrul expressed their satisfaction in the EP as follows:

Marzieh: “That I was able to participate in the EMPA is something for which I will be eternally grateful. First and foremost, I am really grateful to my supervisor, Dr. Gurdial Blugan. Things were always well-organized thanks to him. The other instructors were just as kind and friendly, and they not only taught us in the lab but also set up several extracurricular gatherings. As a result, I was able to expand the depth of my knowledge and strengthen my research skills. To sum up, during my stay in Dübendorf, the EMPA provided me with a family and a group of friends. “Vielen Dank”

Ertugrul: “Before my JECS Trust mobility began, I found EMPA, like everyone else, to be one of the most attractive places for a person interested in science to do their work. The main reasons behind my thought were EMPA’s ranking among institutions dealing with materials science and the picturesque nature of Switzerland. However, seeing that this view of mine is not wrong but incomplete after I moved reminded me of a word I have kept on my tongue for as long as I can remember. If we get back to the question that I forgot to ask. What makes EMPA? The answer is so simple and yet so difficult to conceptualize. The answer is people. The people make EMPA as unique as my home institution FunGlass.”

Dr. Sathya Narayanasamy , Marzieh Ghadamyari, and Dr. Gurdial Blugan

Dr. Sathya Narayanasamy , Ertugrul Varlik, and Dr. Gurdial Blugan