FunGlass shines amongst the ESET Science Award finalists

Science without borders is the main theme of the fifth year of the ESET Science Award, which honors outstanding scientific personalities. The organizers have unveiled this year’s finalists, among whom the trio of laureates will be chosen.

In the categories of Outstanding Personality of Science in Slovakia and Outstanding Scientist in Slovakia Under the Age of 35, the winners will be determined by an international commission headed by Nobel Prize winner Michel Mayor. The laureate of the Outstanding Personality of Higher Education category will be selected by an expert jury composed of representatives from Slovak colleges and universities.

“The finalists of this year’s award truly embody the message that science knows no borders. Through their work, they also demonstrate that Slovakia cannot progress without cross-border cooperation. I believe that the stories of these inspiring scientists and educators will resonate with young people, the public, the media, and the academic community. They are all individuals whose work involves a great deal of effort, trial and error, and continuous exploration. This is the essence of science and education,” explains Paulína Böhmerová, ESET’s Manager for Relations with the Scientific Community.

The laureates of the ESET Science Award are selected through a rigorous evaluation process that considers a comprehensive set of criteria, including the contribution of their scientific research to society, scientific achievements, measurable scientometric data, involvement in significant international research projects, the promotion of Slovak science and research abroad, and, in the case of university professors, their pedagogical skills, innovative teaching methods, and feedback from students.

Among the finalists in the Outstanding Personality of Science category is our director, Prof. Dušan Galusek, an internationally recognized authority in the field of ceramic materials and glasses. His primary research focus is the development of new types of oxide ceramic materials and composites, as well as glasses with specific functional properties. Congratulations!

The names of the laureates will be announced on public television RTVS on October 12 at 8:10 p.m. during the gala evening.

Source: ESET Science Award