Department of Coating has a new member

Dr. Omid Sharifahmadian received his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran in 2019 with the thesis entitled “Effect of nitrogen on the properties of the gradient diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating by active screen DC-pulsed PECVD technique”. He has worked on the design and fabrication of the novel nitrogen- doped DLC coatings by Plasma technique. He has introduced the desired combination of high stability of wear behavior and low friction coefficient by deposition of the gradient nitrogen-doped DLC coating on the plasma nitrided steel as a substrate which are suitable for surface engineering of orthopedic implants.

Moreover, during his Ph. D, he could joined as a scholar in the Applied Plasma and Surface Engineering Research Group at University of Sydney, Australia. His research was on the fabrication and characterization of the mechanically robust ion-assisted plasma polymerized coatings deposited on internal surfaces of 3D structured titanium scaffolds using Radio Frequency Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (RF-PECVD) for bone implantation. Also, he has experienced on the working with a variety of coating processes such as DC- pulsed PECVD, RF-PECVD, PVD, and Thermal Spray methods.

He joined Department of Coating. He will focus on a variety of issues in the fields of thin film deposited by PECVD/PVD methods, and coatings fabricated by thermal spray techniques.

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