Miroslava Hujová has returned from her year long training at our partner, University of Padova (UNIPD), Department of Industrial Engineering with professor Bernardo. In her previous studies, she has focused on reactions and conversion processes in the batches for nuclear vitrification. Now with our partner she has broadened her expertise focusing on waste management of more common inorganic wastes by different upcycling strategies. Besides her main research activities at the laboratories of UNIPD she has been focusing on the strategies development that could be implemented at FunGlass with the respect to Slovak perspective. She will use these strategies to launch upcycling and waste management branch at the Department of Glass Processing lead by Dr. Kraxner. In the near future it will launch the close cooperation between Slovak industry producing inorganic waste and the research center.

As 2020 has been challenging due to still ongoing crisis and research activities have been interrupted by severe lockdown that was imposed on Italy in Spring, it has brought the new perspective even into our research lives.

I would like to thank my colleagues and HR department of FunGlass for overwhelming support that was sent to me during these difficult times. I greatly appreciate the management of my trip done by Slovak administration and the help with troubleshooting provided to me in the difficult times of the training”, Miroslava wrote us.