Anastasiia Novokhatska’s Research Journey: Advancements in Ceramics at the University of Padua

In April, Dr. Anastasiia Novokhatska from the Department of Glass Processing completed her 3-month stay at the University of Padua under a JECS Trust Mobility grant. Her research focused on the development of advanced ceramics based on 8 mol.% yttria-stabilized zirconia using various 3D printing techniques, and their basic characterization for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell applications. Anastasiia expressed her gratitude to Prof. Enrico Bernardo and Dr. Hamada Elsayed of the CERAMGLASS research group at the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Padua, for their great support and expertise, which enabled her to achieve her research goals. She was also very grateful to Prof. Antonella Glisenti and the IMPACT research group for their advice and expertise in electrochemical testing of SOFC ceramics.

The stay further strengthened the extensive and productive research relationship between our institutions.