Collaboration between CEITEC and FunGlass in exploring advanced ceramics

At the beginning of November, we welcomed to FunGlass Lucie Pejchalová, who works at CEITEC in Brno, in the research group Advanced Multifunctional Ceramics, led by Prof. Karel Maca. The main focus of her dissertation is the preparation of porous bioceramic scaffolds and their biological testing (basic and advanced tests). Scaffolds are most often prepared from ceramics based on calcium phosphates or from zirconium oxides, using more advanced shaping methods such as freeze-casting and 3D printing. Concerning the specific application of scaffolds, the primary focus is on hard tissues (bones, teeth), but there is potential to use scaffolds for other types of tissues as well.

At FunGlass, Lucie tested the reaction of scaffolds in vitro with cell cultures, as she does not have such an option at her home institution. Her supervisor, Dr. Zuzana Neščáková from Biomaterials Department, taught Lucia how to work with cell cultures and generally guided her through in vitro testing. However, the collaboration was beneficial for both parties and will continue in the future.

This business trip was partly funded by the GlaCerHub project.